Jacob Faurholt – “A Horse’s Head”

Jacob Faurholt – new album out today!

New album “Corners” out today! You can get it the following ways:

Numbered CD (limited to 50 copies): Bandcamp

Name Your Price – download: Bandcamp


Crystal Shipsss – live in Berlin!


New Crystal Shipsss video!

Crystal Shipsss / Tjaere+Fjer tours Germany and Denmark!

CS+TF, tour poster, fall 2013

New Crystal Shipsss album out today!

The new Crystal Shipsss album “Dirty Dancer” is released today (US Sep 24) on limited 12” vinyl / digital. You can purchase the album here:

Bandcamp (vinyl/digital)

*Also available at Itunes & other digital retailers.

Funeral Sounds
“Dirty Dancer is a beautiful work of art, but it takes work and a sharp attention span to appreciate fully. Those unwilling to put in the effort will miss out on an odd journey through the fractured forms of artistic expression.”

“…nowadays he adds a lot of electronic components and sometimes rhythms that come close to being breakbeats, plus his painfully sincere broken vocals, in order to create a sonic universe where eventually only he and his music exists.”

Pre-order “Dirty Dancer” on 12” vinyl

If you pre-order the new Crystal Shipsss album “Dirty Dancer” (out Sep 23) on vinyl via Bandcamp, you will in addition to the album receive a limited yellow 7” entitled “Utyske!”, which was a 2010 collaboration with Kasper Rønberg Schultz.

Pre-order HERE.

Dirty Dancer vinyl

Crystal Shipsss announces new album!

The new Crystal Shipsss album, entitled “Dirty Dancer”, will be out on vinyl in September 2013! Listen to the none – single “I Know” now!

Crystal Shipsss EP out today!

Get the new Crystal Shipsss EP on Itunes & other digital retailers! Limited edition cassette available via Mouca (EU, 50 copies) and Three Ring Records (US, 50 copies).

Drowned In Sound:
“there’s little doubt Faurholt’s latest project are brimming with promise”.

Impose Magazine:
“There’s a J. Spaceman quality to Crystal Shipsss lone player”.

“This crackling mess of a song is the best tribute to Daniel Johnston that I have ever come across”.


New Crystal Shipsss song (EP out May 6)!


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